Before deciding on a specific lawn care program, your lawn is inspected, and its needs determined, before the first treatment is made.

Premium Lawn Care Services

Our Premium Lawn Care Services are designed to provide just about every benefit your turfgrass can use to become a thick healthy lawn that your family will love and your neighbors will admire. If you're looking to improve your lawn this year, please give us a call or contact us online to request a free estimate for our specially formulated North Texas lawn fertilizer program.

  • Fertilization
    Your lawn will receive six feedings throughout the year, including a special "winterizing" feeding. Each feeding is made using quality fertilizers that are formulated for the specific needs of your lawn at the time of application.

  • Crabgrass Prevention
    One or more applications of Crabgrass Preventer are made in early spring to prevent crabgrass from invading the lawn throughout the season.

  • Broadleaf Weed Control
    In mid-spring, we clear out dandelions and more than 50 other common lawn weeds. Then we watch for any new invaders throughout the year, and we eliminate them at no extra charge.

  • Winterizing
    A special "winterizing" feeding is made in late fall to carry the gains made this year into next spring. That's how great lawns are made… by compounding the improvement from one season to the next.

  • Continuous Monitoring
    Your lawn is inspected, and its needs determined, before the first treatment is made. Thereafter, each treatment is recorded, and the lawn is continuously monitored to insure that it is progressing on schedule. If a problem develops between inspections, you can phone our customer "hot line" and a Jurassic Lawn Care Specialist will be dispatched to your lawn to take care of the problem.

  • Grub Protection
    We provide season-long protection against damaging lawn grubs. An unprotected lawn can be wiped out completely before the homeowner even knows they are there.

  • Core Aeration
    With this procedure we remove small plugs of soil throughout your lawn to improve the flow of air, water and fertilizer into the root zone of the lawn. This remedies "root choking" compacted soil problems. It is also effective in reducing the build-up of thatch in the lawn. (Annual Aeration is essential for a lush green lawn, especially with the heavy North Texas clay soil.)

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Lawn Fertilization Schedule

The following is a guide only. Hover your mouse over the any of the 6 months to see the scheduled treatment for that time period. Actual treatments may vary depending on local conditions.


Other Service Options

Tree & Shrub Care
This option provides fertilizer and control of both insect pests and plant diseases. For more information, click here.

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