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Lawn Care FAQ

Common questions about lawn care and maintenance.

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Q. Do you have any kind of guarantee for your service?

A. Yes, Jurassic Lawn Care stands behind its service. If you are not satisfied with any service we offer, we will repeat the application at no charge to you.

Q. Why won't my weeds die?

A. Our three-way, liquid weed controls are the most effective available. The weeds begin to curl and wither in 2-3 days, but it may take up to ten days before they are gone completely. Still, unusually hot weather, a heavy rain within 24 hours of treatment, or mowing immediately after treatment can reduce control. The good news is that as a full program customer, you can simply give us a call and we'll be out to retreat at no extra cost to you!

Q. Should I water after my lawn application?

A. No. While light watering or a brief shower should not seriously impact the weed control treatment, it is best to leave the control material on the weed until it is absorbed. We recommend 24 hours.

Q. How long should we stay off the lawn after treatment?

A. If your lawn only received a granular fertilizer application, you can begin lawn activity right away. Please read the Invoice / Work Order left at your home when applications are made to determine how long you might need to stay off your lawn. Applications may require that you stay off your lawn for up to 24 hours.

Q. I have beetles on my lawn and in the shrubs. Does this mean I will have grubs?

A. Yes. The beetle is the adult stage of the insect. After defoliating the ornamentals, shrubs and some trees, the beetle lays eggs in the soil. In a few days, grubs will hatch and begin feeding on grass roots. If you are on our Premium Lawn Service, you are protected. If not, call our office now for a protective treatment or lawn inspection.

Q. Fleas make our dog Max's life miserable every summer. Can you help us?

A. Tell Max we can help! Simply call us to schedule a flea and tick application.

Q. How can we keep our neighbor's dandelions for spreading into our lawn?

A. The best defense against dandelions is a thick carpet of grass ? so thick it doesn't give the dandelion seeds a chance to sprout. That's one reason why Jurassic Lawn Care focuses on improving turf density. During the season we constantly look for new weed invaders and knock them out if they appear.

Q. We've had disappointments with lawn services in the past. Why should we think Jurassic Lawn Care will be any different?

A. All the work is done by Jurassic professionals. Experts who have been thoroughly trained, and receive ongoing training to keep up with the latest in new products and technology. Jurassic specialists are continually evaluated by our company on the quality of the lawns they service. It is a responsibility they never take lightly, for it is the basis for their raises and promotions.

Q. We appreciate the fact that our Jurassic Lawn Care specialist can treat our lawn and landscape on the same visit but other companies have told us that they treat lawns and landscapes on different trips because special equipment and training are required for trees and shrubs. Which is best?

A. It is true that special equipment and training are required to treat trees and shrubs. Many companies cannot treat both at the same time because they work out of a pickup truck or van and cannot carry the necessary equipment for both lawn and landscape. At Jurassic Lawn Care we have our trucks set up with separate lawn care, and tree and shrub equipment. Even though in the beginning it costs us more, in the long run it saves us and you money.

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